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Celebrating Beyond's 40th Anniversary

Beyond's Story

Beyond is a Hong Kong rock band formed in 1983. The band became prominent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China and with Chinese communities across the globe. The band is widely considered as the most successful and influential Canto- Rock band from Hong Kong.

2023 marks the 40th Anniversary of the founding of Beyond. In celebration and memory of the accomplishments of the band, this site is being launched.

Beyond Fans will receive never-before-seen footage; exclusively produced videos with commentary from Leslie Chan (the band's original manager); Commemorative B40 Music; and exclusive, official merchandise.

Beyond's has influenced multiple generations and its legacy will continue.

Latest News & Updates

June 2023 - B40 Hong Kong Commemorative Event/Kaishou Live Event!

July 2023 - B40 tribute album official release!

Exclusive Videos

Beyond Metal Maniac 1987 Live (Never before released)

Beyond 40th Anniversary, 1st of 10 Stories: “BEYOND's Eyeball“

B40 Tribute Album

Beyond40 Tribute Album is based on many unpublished demos from Wong Ka Kui (黃家駒) and adding some unpublished works from Paul Wong (黃貫中), Steve Wong Ka Keung (黃家強) and Yip Sai Wing (葉世榮). Well-known singers and rock bands from Hong Kong and Malaysia were invited to record the 2 tribute albums, with a total of 21 single songs.

The 2 albums includes: 8 works by Wong Ka Kui; 8 works by Steve Wong Ka Keung; 4 works by Paul Wong; 1 new song composed by Wong Ka Kui and sung by Yip Sai Wing himself; and a new song based on Wong Ka Kui's "Maria" Demo song and sung by Maria Cordero (Fat Mama) herself; along with the Demo of Wong Ka Kui's original sound.

These will be the last two albums released by the members of Beyond.

Fans can get the two albums by purchasing the limited gift boxes of the Beyond Tribute Album below. The two tribute albums are officially released on July 20, 2023.