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Beyond 40

Beyond 40th Anniversary Tribute to Beyond Album Limited Commemorative Edition Music Blind Box

Beyond 40th Anniversary Tribute to Beyond Album Limited Commemorative Edition Music Blind Box

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  • HK$92 / each
  • HK$707 /Set


• There are 8 Q-version Beyond dolls in the whole set (each height is 9-10cm), and the blind box is composed of 8 popular models + 2 random hidden models;

• 2.5 heads and bodies (the overall height is 2 and a half heads). The dolls respectively refer to the cover of Beyond's "Music and Fury" album and the 1991 Life Contact concert, highlighting the cute and cute images of Beyond members.

• Each doll contains an NFC chip. Use a mobile phone with NFC function to touch the doll's head, and click the link to play the button to enjoy the digital music of the genuine Beyond Tribute Album 1.

• Exclusive to box users: NFC commemorative cards for tribute album 2 are placed in each set of boxes. Every consumer who buys a set of boxes touches the card with a mobile phone with NFC function to listen to the mix of tracks of album 2.


Special Note:

◆ The Q-version blind box can be purchased individually or as a set. A set of products contains 8 popular dolls with different shapes, and the small hidden ones are placed in a 96:1 probability, and the large ones are randomly placed in a 960:1 ratio. Hidden money, replace any popular money;

◆ Touch the product with a mobile phone with NFC function, and click to play to enjoy the genuine Beyond tribute album. There are 10 songs in the album, and 1 song will be played randomly every time it is triggered. The style of the blind box is random, the music is random, and there are double surprises for one purchase.


Product selling points:

  1. NFC+ genuine Beyond digital music (a blind box contains an album of songs, and each doll is attached to a song);
  2. There is a probability to draw rare hidden funds, and the secondary market has value-added attributes.


Beyond band introduction:

Beyond band, born in Hong Kong in 1983, is a hall-level band in the Chinese music scene. No one has surpassed it so far.

Beyond's music is full of power and hope, filled with endless pursuit of love, ideals and freedom.

2023 is the 40th anniversary of Beyond. In this difficult time when the world is full of plagues, wars, disasters, and economic crises, let us commemorate Beyond and Huang Jiaju together!


Introduction to the copyright of this product:

The company has been formally authorized by Kinn's Msuic Ltd., the official brokerage company of Beyond, and Fang Xiutan (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd., a copyright operator in China, to launch a limited edition—a tribute to the Beyond album souvenir (attached: a tribute to the Beyond album limited doll hand-made , Static figure, Q version blind box three major products).


Salute to the Beyond album limited souvenir features:

◆ Unique shape: music fusion figures

◆Limited time limit: limited commemorative models

◆ Three "firsts": Beyond's first music doll souvenir

The first musical doll souvenir of a Chinese band

The first Beyond four sons all-organized image music souvenir

◆ Genuine Guarantee: Complete and perfect genuine copyright

◆ Craftsmanship: highly realistic (doll products)

◆ Appreciation space: Huge appreciation space

◆ Each souvenir is carried by Beyond's music and spirit: Pursue pure music, unremittingly pursue ideals, persist in original spirit, and cherish great love.


Delivery time: within 10 days"


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