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Beyond 40

[Pre-sale] Rise of the Kingdom pays tribute to the Beyond album limited figure [Pre-sale Coupon]

[Pre-sale] Rise of the Kingdom pays tribute to the Beyond album limited figure [Pre-sale Coupon]

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Product Amount: Deposit 199 HKD

Final payment 439 Hong Kong dollars

Product description: This product is based on the appearance of Wong Ka Kui's 1989 real witness concert, creating a Q-version image of Wong Ka Kui yearning for freedom and loving music, and combining this image with a tribute music album to form this special 40th anniversary The commemorative product also commemorates the 30th anniversary of Ka Kui's departure.

The product is 16cm high, and the surface is innovatively made of internal pearl, gorgeous and shiny; it contains the genuine Beyond tribute album-digital music, collection certificate and high-end alloy + electroplating commemoration, the pursuit of extreme details, and the shape vividly reflects Wong Ka Kui's love for music, love, The endless pursuit of ideals and freedom.

Commodity specification parameters:

Executive standard: GB6675.1-2014 GB6675.2-2014 GB6675.4-2014 GB6675.3-2014

Size: about 16-18cm high

Material: Plastic (PVC&ABS)+acrylic+alloy

Applicable age: 15 years old and above Song list information of tribute album 1: including 2 works by Wong Ka Kui, 6 works by Wong Ka Keung, 2 works by Paul Wong, and 1 new song composed by Wong Ka Kui sung by Yip Sai Wing himself. Beyond band introduction: Beyond band, born in Hong Kong in 1983, is a legendary band in the Chinese music scene, and no one has surpassed it so far.

Beyond's music is full of power and hope, filled with endless pursuit of love, ideals and freedom. 2023 is the 40th anniversary of Beyond. In this difficult time when the world is full of plagues, wars, disasters, and economic crises, let us commemorate Beyond and Wong Ka Kui together! Introduction to the copyright of this product: The company has been formally authorized by Kinn's Msuic Ltd., the official brokerage company of Beyond, and Fang Xiutan (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd., the copyright operator in China, to launch a limited edition—a tribute to Beyond album limited edition souvenirs (including: tribute Beyond album limited doll figure, static figure, Q version blind box three products).

Salute to the Beyond album limited souvenir features:

◆ Unique shape: music fusion figures

◆Limited time limit: limited commemorative models

◆ Three "firsts": Beyond's first music doll souvenir; Chinese band's first music doll souvenir; the first Beyond four sons full-system image music souvenir

◆ Genuine Guarantee: Complete and perfect genuine copyright

◆ Craftsmanship: highly realistic (doll products) ◆ Appreciation space: huge appreciation space

◆ Each souvenir is carried by Beyond's music and spirit: Pursue pure music, unremittingly pursue ideals, persist in original spirit, and cherish great love.

Reservation process: take pictures and pay the deposit→virtual delivery→confirm receipt→reservation completed;

Final payment process: receive the final payment reminder → pay the final payment

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